Reon Group is one of the best conglomerates in Bangladesh. It is one of the largest upcoming conglomerates in Bangladesh. It was incorporated in 2015 as EWVS, now known as Reon Tours & Events Ltd. The first project of EWVS(Easy Way Visa Solution) turned out to be very successful. After then, the company grew very quickly. It presently owns more than 10 major concerns located throughout Bangladesh. More enterprises were established in the early 2018s; these included real estate, tourism, housing, land development, sporting club, agro park, architecture design, multimedia & chain restaurant.



Reon Group want become one of the largest conglomerates and the many areas of business and industry in Bangladesh. It wishes to go far ahead from where it is now. The group wants to be the largest business house in the country and the biggest contributor, from the private sector to the economic and social development. It also wishes to bring more and more people under the job and thus become the largest employer in the private sector.
To enrich and ensure the quality of life of people through the responsible application of knowledge, skill, technology and fulfill the need through the experience of products and services, by offering the market a wide range of potentials.
Doing business is not an easy task anywhere, particularly in the fast- changing global scenario, which invites many new challenges. However, Reon Group is confident of continuing its march forward even at a faster pace in any situation – favorable and unfavorable – in the days to come and always uphold its core theme – Commitment First & Quality Best.


Reon Group believes in real every of nature; we want to give our country to the world from the side of country and the people. It is not just profit, but in conformity with reality, we want to reach all the services to people.
All the Reon Group concerns always try to offer best possible services and products to customers for attaining their full satisfaction, as the group endorses the notion that customers are the ultimate determining factor in success of any organization. It always strives to introduce new products and services to the customers.
As a business conglomerate, Reon Group does not want to grow alone; it wishes to grow together with its partners, patrons, customers, employees.
The group has reached out to many poor and underprivileged people through different philanthropic services and it wants to expand them across the country for the welfare of the people and development of the country.

Chairman's Message

Mahmudul Hassan REON

Reon group want to represent the people and our country near to the world. In a country like Bangladesh, which had set a vision of moving forward in the digital perspective despite the volatile economic status quo, we are leaping ahead towards a great future with good reputation.

The group was created with the aim of build each real every of nature and build Bangladesh as a world economically developed and self-reliant country. The business is expanding in its area and thus it ensures strong presence in industries and business sectors, making it will one of the biggest business and arts in the country. The group now brings together entities in Tour & Events, Real Estate, Interior Design, Construction, Restaurant, Entertainment & Spoting Club infrastructure development.

Board of Directors

Mahmudul Hassan Reon

Chairman & Managing Director

Mrs. Mahbuba Moly

Vice Chairman

Saleh Ahmed


Khorshed Haque