Reon Group is one of the best startup companies in Bangladesh

Reon Group is one of the best startup companies in Bangladesh. It is the new entrepreneurial organization in Bangladesh. Reon Group was established in 2015 as a student consultancy company, now known as Reon Tours & Events Ltd. The first project of EWVS (Easy Way Visa Solution) has been very successful. After that, the company grew very fast. It currently owns more than 10 significant concerns located all over Bangladesh. More initiatives were established in early 2018; These include real estate, tourism, housing, land development, sporting clubs, agro parks, architecture design, multimedia, and chain restaurants, and the latest e-commerce platforms. Reon Group had a rough start.

Mahmudul Hasan Reon’s tireless work is moving Reon Group forward. Talking to Mahmudul Hasan Reon, the story behind the success is known. He said that his dream was to become a cricketer since childhood. But that dream turned into a business. They left home empty-handed and came to Dhaka in 2010. He came to Dhaka and started a business along with his studies. Although the company belongs to her expatriate elder brother in London. This continued till 2014. But it didn’t do much good. Later, he thought of starting his own business in 2015. That place started its first business journey in 2015. Walking was very difficult.



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