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Dhaka South City Corporation Mayor’s Cup Kicks Off with Exciting Football Tournament – Sponsored by Reon Group.

Date: February 18, 2024

Dhaka, Bangladesh – The Dhaka South City Corporation Mayor’s Cup opened its doors to a flurry of excitement as the inaugural football tournament took center stage, marking the beginning of a thrilling series of events. The event, proudly hosted by the Dhaka South City Corporation, is made even more spectacular with the generous sponsorship of Reon Group, a prominent name in the business world.

With a commitment to fostering community spirit and promoting healthy competition, the Mayor’s Cup has become a beacon of unity in the city, and the addition of the football tournament has only added to the anticipation and fervor surrounding the event.

The opening day witnessed an electrifying atmosphere at the stadium as football enthusiasts, community members, and dignitaries gathered to witness the action-packed tournament. Mayor in his opening address, expressed his gratitude to the participants, sponsors, and the community at large for their unwavering support in making the Mayor’s Cup a reality.

Reon Group, the esteemed sponsor of the football tournament, has played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of this sporting extravaganza. Their commitment to promoting sports and community engagement aligns seamlessly with the Mayor’s Cup objectives, adding a layer of excitement and prestige to the event.

The participating football teams showcased skill, strategy, and passion on the field, making the opening matches a spectacle for fans and supporters. The tournament not only provides a platform for local talent to shine but also strengthens the sense of community as neighborhoods come together to cheer for their respective teams.

As the matches progressed, it became evident that the Mayor’s Cup football tournament was not just a competition but a celebration of the beautiful game and the unity it brings to the city. The spirit of fair play and sportsmanship prevailed on the opening day, setting the tone for an exhilarating series of matches in the days to come.

The Mayor’s Cup, with Reon Group as its proud sponsor, is poised to be a resounding success, showcasing the best of Dhaka’s football talent and creating lasting memories for participants and spectators alike. Stay tuned for updates, highlights, and the crowning of the first-ever football champions at the Dhaka South City Corporation Mayor’s Cup, a testament to the power of sports in building stronger communities.

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